Edyta Plebankiewicz

New Trends In Construction Management


ISBN: 978-83-67188-39-5
Rok wydania: 2023


Język publikacji: angielski
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Table of contents

Edyta Plebankiewicz Foreword

Oleg Kapliński
Chapter 1. From international Colloquia to Euro Working Group on or for sustainable development and civil engineering: the evolution of international cooperation
Jurgita Antuchevičiene, Arvydas Vilkonis
Chapter 2. Rational combination of fidic construction contract model and contract purchase pricing
Ulrike Quapp, Klaus Holschemacher
Chapter 3. Benefits and risks of using alternative dispute resolution in the settlement of construction disputes
Danylo Shkundalov, Tatjana Vilutiene
Chapter 4. Automative multiple criteria decision-making For alternative building locations by employing BIM and GIS
Edyta Plebankiewicz
Chapter 5. The relationship between input data on building maintenance life cycle costs
Michał Juszczyk
Chapter 6. Review and lessons learned on the use of neural network ensembles for estimates of construction cost
Viačeslav Zigmund, Jurgita Antucheviciene, Darius Migilinskas
Chapter 7. Selection of masonry façade installation method for a building at the design stage
Kasim Korkmaz, Adam Bogedain, Mike Lehman, Luay F. Al-Durzi
Chapter 8. Investigating concrete strengthening applications in the construction industry
Jolanta Tamosaitiene, Lukas Gritenas
Chapter 9. Classification of defects in residential buildings
Krzysztof Zima, Jarosław Malara, Sebastian Biel
Chapter 10. Comparison and analysis of construction defects on the example of single-family houses and multifamily buildings
Aleksandra Radziejowska
Chapter 11. Identification of the cause-and-effect chain of the demolition decision
Vigneshkumar Chellappa, Grzegorz Ginda
Chapter 12. Multiple criteria decision-making methods for construction safety

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